Workforce augmentation

In today’s dynamic IT landscape, having the right talent at the right time is crucial for meeting project
demands and staying competitive. At Heunets, our Workforce Augmentation service is designed to
seamlessly integrate skilled IT professionals into your team, filling the gaps when and where you need
them most.

Web Applications

Whether you’re working on a short-term project or need specialized skills for a longer duration, our workforce augmentation solution provides you with access to a pool of IT experts ready to augment your team.

Project Flexibility

Add resources to your team on-demand, adapting to project needs without the long-term commitment of traditional hiring.

Skill Diversity

Tap into a diverse range of IT skill sets, from developers to system administrators, ensuring you have the right expertise for every project phase.

Speed to Market

Quickly onboard professionals who are familiar with your industry and can start contributing from day one.

Customized Augmentation

Tailor your IT workforce augmentation to your specific needs, whether it’s adding a single expert or a team of specialists.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly vet our professionals to ensure they meet your standards and deliver quality results.

Seamless Integration

Our IT experts seamlessly integrate into your existing team, fostering collaboration and knowledge transfer

Flexible Contracts

Enjoy the flexibility of short-term or long-term contracts, scaling up or down as project requirements change.


Minimized Downtime

Reduce hiring costs and overheads associated with traditional employment.

Expertise on Demand

Access specialized skills precisely when and where you need them.

Accelerated Projects

Augmenting your team speeds up project delivery and time to market.

Reduced Risk

Mitigate the risks associated with hiring and onboarding new employees.


Field Technicians are skilled professionals who specialize in on-site support for IT issues. They can assist in resolving hardware and software problems, ensuring your operations run smoothly.
You should consider hiring Field Technicians when you need on-site IT support for troubleshooting, repairs, or installations. They are valuable when you have critical issues that require immediate attention.
Workforce Augmentation involves adding specialized IT professionals to your team temporarily. It can enhance your IT team’s expertise, help manage workload peaks, and provide specialized skills for specific projects.
Hands and Eyes Support is a service that provides on-site assistance for remote IT troubleshooting. It involves a technician physically present at the location to perform tasks as directed by remote IT experts.
IT Project Resources are experienced professionals dedicated to managing and executing IT projects. They can ensure that your projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet your objectives.
Yes, Field Technicians are available for emergency on-site support. They are ready to respond quickly to critical IT issues to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.
To request Field Technicians for your business, please contact our Talent Solutions team. They will assess your needs and promptly arrange for the deployment of Field Technicians to your location.

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