IMAC Services

IMAC Services encompass a range of critical IT infrastructure activities: Installing new equipment, relocating and moving existing systems, adding components, and making configuration changes. These services are fundamental to ensuring your IT environment remains agile, adaptable, and responsive to evolving needs. At Heunets, we excel in delivering IMAC services efficiently and with precision.


New installation and verification of infrastructure devices into cabinets, racks, or enclosures from shipping box to green light power.


Gracefully power down equipment, physically de-install, and move from one cabinet/rack/enclosure to another location.


Addition of components such as drives, memory, or modules to existing devices.


Access consoles and make configuration changes to existing devices at the customer’s direction.


Equipment de-installation and disposition, including optional data destruction and recycling.

Global Availability

Our IMAC services are available globally, ensuring support wherever and whenever you need it.

Cross-functional Expertise

We provide cross-functional, multi-platform experienced engineers/technicians when and where needed.

950 with several

With over 950 spare parts locations worldwide, our engineers/technicians are always nearby (“Globally Local”).

Reduced Downtime

By using seasoned engineers/technicians, we reduce the risk of inadvertent outages during IMAC activities.

Mature Project Coordination

Our IMAC services are meticulously coordinated to ensure precision and minimize disruptions.



Our IMAC services are meticulously coordinated to ensure precision and minimize disruptions.

Global Reach

Access support globally, ensuring consistent and reliable IMAC services worldwide.

Reduced Risk

Experienced engineers and meticulous planning reduce the risk of costly downtime or errors.

Resource Optimization

Focus your resources on core business activities while we handle your IMAC needs.


IMAC stands for Install, Move, Add, and Change services. These services encompass a range of activities related to setting up, relocating, expanding, or modifying IT infrastructure and systems. IMAC services are essential for ensuring that your IT environment remains agile, adaptable, and aligned with your business needs.

IMAC services cover a variety of tasks, including:

• Installing new hardware or software.
• Relocating IT equipment to a different location.
• Adding new components or devices to your existing IT setup.
• Making changes or updates to configurations and settings

IMAC services offer several benefits, including:

• Efficient IT setup and deployment.
• Minimized downtime during office relocations or expansions.
• Enhanced scalability to accommodate business growth.
• Improved system performance through updates and optimizations.

Yes, IMAC services are highly customizable to match your unique IT infrastructure and requirements. Our technicians assess your current setup and work with you to plan and execute IMAC tasks that align with your business goals.
The timeframe for completing IMAC services varies depending on the scope and complexity of the tasks involved. Smaller installations or changes may be completed relatively quickly, while larger projects or office moves may take more time. Our goal is to execute IMAC tasks efficiently while minimizing disruption to your operations.
To request IMAC services for your organization, simply contact our IT services team. We will work with you to understand your specific needs, develop a plan, and schedule the services at a convenient time for your business.
Yes, IMAC services can be scheduled outside regular business hours to minimize disruption to your operations. Our technicians are flexible and can accommodate your preferred timeframe.
IMAC services can be both one-time projects and part of ongoing IT maintenance. We offer flexibility to meet your immediate needs and can also provide recurring IMAC services to ensure your IT environment remains up-to-date and aligned with your business objectives.

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