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Making sense. Making tea. Making connections between creative people and the companies that love them. Ishape Technologies is one of the few stand-alone creative digital development teams that specializes exclusively in creative digital jobs and creative talent.

The team’s market knowledge and contact network enables them to specialise in UX and UI, Web Dev  and Mobile App jobs, as well as Client and Creative Services in Edmonton and on a global scale.

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Continuous Support

At Ishape Technologies, We believe in providing continuous support to our customers. After each services, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with work by providing assistance before and after the services to ensure that the relationship is long lasting.

Professional Team

Our team members are of world class quality. We make sure that before joining our team, the member should  be qualified enough. Our screening process make sure that each and every team members are well equipped with both knowledgea and technical skills.

Quality Services

With great team members come great quality services. We ensure that our customers always satisfied with the work. Not only service quality but assistance, management, flexibility and communication. This is why we, Ishape Technologies is among the top IT service provider in Edmonton and surrounding areas for IT managed company.

We Are Doing IT Service

The team’s market knowledge and contact network enables them to specialize in UX and UI, Web Dev and Mobile App jobs, as well as client and creative services on a global scale