Repair Or Replace Your Computer? [Edmonton’s Expert]

repair or replace a computer by edmonton computer repair expert

Repair or replace your computer, a very common question we get asked all the time.

People often confused as to what to really do when their PC started malfunctioning, became slow or outdated.

Don’t worry as in this article, we as the Edmonton’s computer repair experts have covered various points to help you decide as to either upgrade or dispose off your computer.

Without further, let’s get started.

When You Can Still Repair Your Computer?

First off, let’s truly understand the definition of “repair”. According to the definition, Repair means
to restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken

When it comes to fixing a computer, not every part can be fully restored. For instance, if you want to upgrade your limited memory on your laptop, you may find it difficult to do because the motherboard may not support it.

However, most of the external parts, such as the monitor, keyboard, PC fan, etc. can be fully replaced or upgraded. In terms of software, if your hardware supports the OS version, you can simply upgrade it to enhance the performance.

Besides these, fixes such as virus removal, PC clean up, Hard disk partition, and other small repair job can definitely be done.

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In a nutshell, any external parts and software related issues can definitely be repaired and fixed. No need to consider buying a new laptop or PC.

When It’s Time To Buy A New Computer?

As mentioned above, not every part of your computer can be repaired. If the problems are associated with higher level hardware (CPU, RAM & motherboard), then definitely you need to buy a new PC.

When it comes to software issues, you really need not to buy a new computer, even though it’s at the OS level.

For instance, a blue screen of death on Windows can ultimately be fixed by re-installing a new Windows OS on your PC (providing that your hardware supports it)

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In a nutshell, any serious higher level hardware-related issues are often difficult to fixed and most of time, a computer repair service provider will advise you to buy a new one.

Laptop Problems Are Unique

Generally, any desktop problems can be easily assessed and decide as to replace or repair. But for laptop, most of the times, the decision can be challenging.

For instance, a cost of repairing a laptop is higher than desktop, even to the point that buying and repairing seems to be equally at par.

So our advice is, if the cost of the laptop repair is almost as expensive as buying a new one, We would consider upgrade it because:

  1. You get a newer model of the laptop
  2. You get new warranty
  3. No more hassle in hiring and finding a computer repair service

But don’t forget that besides the common problems you can face with your laptop and desktop, the additional problems such as laptop screen broken or laptop screen handle broken can still be repaired.

Make sure you consult with a professional first before taking any decision.

Ultimate Questions To Ask Yourself

So now you have gone through as to when you should repair or replace a computer, we have listed down a couple of questions to help you make a final decision.

1. Is my computer or laptop continuously malfunctioning?

If the answer is yes, then probably you might consider buying a new one entirely.

Every computer has it’s own lifespan and if it has reached it’s limit, then repairing is just prolonging the time, which in our opinion is a waste of time.

2. Is my computer or laptop less than 5 years old?

If the answer is yes, then maybe you can try repairing it first. Normally, a computer has a lifespan of about 3-5 years.

If the problem doesn’t seem to be serious, and that it’s still relatively new, then having it fixed once or twice is perfectly fine.

3. Do I need an upgrade to keep up with the latest trend?

Believe us, we do face this question a lot when clients come and asking for a CPU or RAM upgrade to speed up the PC.

Well, the situation depends. Generally, if it’s a laptop, then repairing or upgrading can be limited, whereas with desktop, it’s relatively easier and versatile.

Our suggestion would be it depends on your budget. If you don’t have any money-related issue, instead of going for a hardware replacement, buying a new computer should be a better option.

Final Words

That’s all for should you repair or replace your computer by computer repair experts in Edmonton.

The real answer to the question really boils down to the seriousness of the problems your computer or laptop faced and it’s lifespan.

So, before deciding as to either repair or buy, make sure you consult a computer repair professional to help guide you the right option.

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