Top 5 Cell Phone Repair Service In Edmonton

edmonton cell phone repair companies

Are you wandering around Edmonton looking for top notch cell phone repair companies to fix your IPhone broken screen? Or perhaps, your phone has just fallen into the water and stopped functioning?

Whatever the problems you have, this article will help you find the best cell phone repair companies in and around Edmonton area, Alberta.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 service companies which we think are the best in the city.

1. CPR Cell Phone Repair

Starting off in the list, comes one of the well know international cell phone repair service chain, CPR. With their quality, working experience and trust in the industry, no doubt why people consider them one the best cell phone repair chain in the world.

With over 108 stars review, averaging 4.6 on Google My Business, Canada, it’s no surprise why the city’s people are trusting them.

Main Services:

Some of the company’s main services are:

  1. Fix cracked screen
  2. Water damage recovery
  3. Fix phone having no signal
  4. Speaker and button repair
  5. Battery replacement
  6. And much more..

Whatever problems your phone is facing, the company’s professional team will be able to diagnose and fix.

Why Choosing CPR?

By being CPR’s customer, you get the following benefits:

  1. Lifetime warranty on all repairs
  2. Expert repair technicians
  3. Same day repair
  4. Cover multiple locations

Contact & Location

The Edmonton’s store is located at: #109 Bonnie Doon Shopping CenterEdmonton, AB T6C4E3
Phone no: 780-486-1122

2. Dr. Fix Cell Phone Repair

One of the oldest and well known cell phone repair company in Edmonton. Being in the industry since 2011, Dr. Fix surely has tons of working experience and expertise.

One of the biggest advantage with Dr. Fix is your won’t only get your phone fixed by professionals full of experience, but also with affordable price.

With over 114 stars review, averaging 4.3 on Google My Business, Canada, the number speaks for itself! In fact, the company is currently the no. 1 ranking cell phone company on Google My Business.

Main Services:

You get pretty much everything you need from a trusted and reputable company like this

  1. Broken Display fixing
  2. Mobile software diagnostics and repair
  3. Battery replacement
  4. Mobile network fix
  5. Repair problem with regards to mobile charging
  6. Buttons replacement
  7. And much more…

Why Choosing Dr. Fix?

  1. Same day service on most repairs
  2. Reputable and well known in Edmonton
  3. Affordable price
  4. Professional team

Contact & Location

The store is located at: 7010-109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 3C1
Phone no: 780-860-6234

3. Dr. Phone Fix

Not to be confused with Dr. Fix though, because they both are different companies. But nonetheless, this is another great repair service in Edmonton.

Dr. Phone Fix declared themselves as “An emerging cell phone repair company”, due to the reason that the company was founded only in 2018, but has since then developed into one of the best in the city.

With 55 stars review, averaging 4.2 on Google My Business, Canada, the status doesn’t look bad, isn’t it?

Main Services:

  1. Screen replacement
  2. Repair water damage
  3. Battery replacement
  4. Screen protection

Besides, the company also sell cell phone accessories and pre-owned phones at affordable price, which makes it unique, in case you need a new phone or accessories.

Why Choosing Dr. Phone Fix?

  1. New emerging company with lots of young talents and experts
  2. One of the fastest growing company in Edmonton
  3. Pre-owned phones and accessories for sale at affordable price

Contact & Location

The store has 2 locations, i.e. in Edmonton itself and St Albert.

Edmonton store:

The store is located at: 9627 167 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5Z 3S3
Phone no: 780-456-6675

St Albert store:

The store is located at: 1 Hebert Road Unit #114 St. Albert, AB T8N 2E7
Phone no: 780-569-0907


4. Original Cellphone Fix

Another recommended company here. Original Cellphone Fix declared themselves as “The best cell phone repair service in Edmonton”, in which they claimed over 2000 phones repaired and satisfied every month.

To be honest, we truly don’t know whether this true or not, but with over 108 stars rating on Google My Business, averaging 4.6, doesn’t sound bad right?

Main Services:

Here are a couple of their main services and expertise:

  1. Broken glass and LCD screen replacement
  2. Battery replacement
  3. Buttons replacement
  4. Water damage repair
  5. And other hardware related fix

Besides, they also claim to be an expert in Samsung and IPhone devices. So if you own either of them, sure you can try check out their service.

Why Choosing Original Cellphone Fix?

  1. High experience and quality service
  2. One of the most famous company in Northern Edmonton
  3. Sell wholesale parts

Contact & Location

The store has 2 location, North and South Edmonton

South Edmonton:

The store is located at: 6029a 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2K6
Phone no: 780-965-2345

North Edmonton:

The store is located at: 9450-137 AVE NW (Inside T&T), Edmonton,AB T5E 6C2
Phone no: 780-938-5678


5. Fixmyphone

Last but not least in the list, we’ve got this kinda underrated company in Edmonton. Fixmyphone is one of the underdogs which usually get forgotten but has always exceeded customers’ satisfaction.

From experienced technicians to great customer support, they’ve got them all. So you can be assured that your phone will get fixed.

With over 120 stars rating, averaging 4.2 on Google My Business, the company is worth checking out.

Main Services:

  1. Screen replacement
  2. Water damaged repair – they claimed to be expert in this field
  3. Battery replacement
  4. Hardware related issues repair

Besides, the company also offer free diagnostic for any phone, with a “no repair, no charge policy”, where they won’t charge you a dime if they can’t fix your phone.

Why Choosing Fixmyphone?

  1. Full of experience and experts
  2. No fix, no charge policy
  3. Free diagnostic for any phone
  4. Water damage repair expert

Contact & Location

The store has 2 location, Central and North of Edmonton

Central Edmonton:

The store is located at: 9729 118 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0P4
Phone no: 780-757-5494

North Edmonton:

The store is located at: 13911 127 St NW Edmonton, AB T6V 1A8
Phone no: 587-523-0474



That’s all for the top 5 cell phone repair companies in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Hope you can make a choice to find the best to fix your phone.

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