Network Repair Services

network repair services

Facing problems with your network connectivity? Is your internet not working as expected? Look no further as IshapeTechnologies provide the most affordable network repair services in and around Edmonton.

Network Connectivity Is Important!

In your day-to-day life, you use your PC to do stuffs. But if you notice carefully, your computer is connected to various other devices, one of the most important aspect is internet connection.

Whether you connect to the internet using Wifi or Ethernet cable, the devices can sometimes face problems.

So if you’re looking for “network repair near me”, and you live in and around Edmonton city, we are your go-to service provider.

Internet Repair Technician You Need

Our technical staff is experienced in handling all types of networking problems, no matter how big or small they are. We also offer business consultation to set up a confined, nationwide or global network.

We are capable of interlinking those fancy devices to connect-and-link your computer to your TV, and your TV with your fridge.

Yes, we agree and understand that the tech-talk is quite overwhelming for you. So, just take out your pen, and draft the questions, and we will answer all for you.

We are the Exclusive PC Doctor Technicians, who are capable of providing you with the best network support services in Edmonton, and surrounding area.

What Are The List Of Common Network & Internet Problems?

There are tons of possible issues that can happen to your devices. Check out some of the common computer problems and solutions.

The common network issues are:

  • Corporate Network installations
  • Network Password Reset
  • Connection TroubleshootingFor: Internet/Cable/Broadband/Dial-up/ADSL/3G/4G
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup &Troubleshooting
  • POP/SMTP/IMAP – Email Troubleshooting
  • Wireless &Wi-Fi Networking & Troubleshooting
  • Apple Airport troubleshooting and setup
  • Airport extreme Troubleshoot
  • Ethernet Card Troubleshooting& Back-up
  • Network Printer Arrangement /Troubleshooting
  • Network Storage Device Setup/ Protection
  • TCP/IP Protocol Conflict and Configuration Issues
  • DHCP and DNS Troubleshoot
  • Sluggish internet or network bandwidth operation
  • Port Forwarding Configuration
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Internet/Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security structure
  • Voice-over IP (VOIP) Setup Arrangement

How Do You Approach Solving Network Problems?

With our on-site computer and network repair service, we reach at your door-step to fix problems. No need to bring your computer or network devices with you. Completely hassle free.

We fix your issues with our network repair toolkit and diagnostic tools. We ensure that we first identify the problems, come up with the possible solutions and implement the fixing.

Besides, after every fixes, we teach you how to manage and take care of your network devices. This ensures that the same type of problems will not arise again.

Our after-service support will always be ready to take care of you whenever you’re in need.

Why choosing us?

  1. Professional team – With our experienced team, we guarantee you only the best computer repair work will be delivered
  2. On-site computer repair service – No matter how far you’re located, we will reach at your door step in no time.
  3. Edmonton’s most advanced computer repair booking system – We have our own service booking system, which is by far the most advance than any service provider out there.
  4. No-fix, No-charge policy – If we can’t fix a PC for you, We won’t charge you a dime.

To learn more about our service, check out computer repair page.

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