Data Recovery Services

data recovery services

Lost your windows data? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you recover the lost files. IshapeTechnologies offer the best data recovery services in Edmonton. Our on-site data recovery team will help you regain your computer files losses.

We don’t only recover lost data from computer, but also your other devices. Be it your Iphone, Android phone or tablet, we recover them all.

We help you regain your hard drive data losses, which can be accidentally wiped out or due to virus and malware issues.

Our method of recovery includes diagnosing where have they gone, is it possible to recover and how much total the data is lost. With our high-end data recovery software and toolkits, we guarantee up to 99% success rate.

Our data recovery services cost should not be an issue for you. We understand how the industry work and that’s why we are able to provide the most affordable, yet the most effective solutions to your problems.

Why choosing us?

  1. Professional team – With our experienced team, we guarantee you only the best computer repair work will be delivered
  2. On-site computer repair service – No matter how far you’re located, we will reach at your door step in no time.
  3. Edmonton’s most advanced computer repair booking system – We have our own service booking system, which is by far the most advance than any service provider out there.
  4. No-fix, No-charge policy – If we can’t fix a PC for you, We won’t charge you a dime.

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