Computer Repair Services

computer repair services

Computer has now become part of our day to day lives. Whatever job or field you’re in, you need a computer or PC to work.

Sometimes, our computers may misbehave due to various reasons like they have reached their limits, the computer has slowed down, the PC fans stop working, etc.

In order to help you with that, We at IshapeTechnologies is providing computer repair services in wide areas of Edmonton. You don’t need to bring your computer to us.

We come to you either Home or Office and fix your computer problems right away. It doesn’t matter what brand computer or what operating system you are using. We fix all brand computer and have solution for all the latest operating system.

We cover all your hardware and software issues, virus removal, data recovery, networking, laptop repair and internet issues.

Facing Problems With Your Computer?

Are you currently facing issues with your PC and is looking for a computer repair service near you? Well look no further as we are the professional in this field.

Why choosing us?

  1. Professional team – With our experienced team, we guarantee you only the best computer repair work will be delivered
  2. On-site computer repair service – No matter how far you’re located, we will reach at your door step in no time.
  3. Edmonton’s most advanced computer repair booking system – We have our own service booking system, which is by far the most advance than any service provider out there.
  4. No-fix, No-charge policy – If we can’t fix a PC for you, We won’t charge you a dime.

To learn more about our service, check out Edmonton Computer Repair Page page.