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We are the best computer repair Edmonton AB with the most affordable service price. We make sure that your computers are fixed otherwise, you get a money-back guarantee from us. Our computer repair Edmonton services include computer repair, data recovery, hardware repair and more. Call us today for a quick estimate and our computer repair Edmonton technicians will get in touch with you.

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Computer Repair Edmonton Technicians

At our computer repair Edmonton company, we provide you an on-site same day computer repair and other tech services such data recovery, hard drive repair, IT support and more. With our 15 years of experience, we know exactly what makes our customers tick. Our computer repair technicians are well-trained for all kinds of computer problems and issues. Contact us today for a quick free estimate.

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Best Onsite Computer Repair In Edmonton

IshapeTechnologies offer same day Service, onsite computer repair Edmonton and a wide range of areas around Alberta. We bring fast, friendly,  to your home or office to help with all your PC repair needs at a flat rate.

No matter if you need virus or spyware removal, have an internet connection problem, or if your computers have just crashed, your computer repair technician will offer you advice on how to keep your computer running as fast and smooth as possible along the way.

Trusted Computer Repair Experts

Whether you’re using DELL, Asus, Acer, HP or Lenovo laptop, we’ve got you covered. Whatever laptop brand you’re using, IshapeTechnologies offer the best and most affordable computer repair in Edmonton.

Our experienced technician will be able to fix every laptop problems from overheating to recovering hard drive. Plus, our service is onsite, so no need to carry your broken laptop to us, but we reach your service at the doorstep.

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Our Edmonton Repair Services

IT Assessment and Planning

Avail our full option IT services which include everything from assessment, planning to execution using unique strategies designed for each business.

Cabling Services

Are you facing with your routers problem or your internet simply not working? Are you looking for cabling services and networking? We can definitely help you with that!

Network Security Services

Is your firewall not set up correctly? Do you know that malware can cause your PC a problem if your network system is not protected? We at Ishape provide you the best Network security in town.

Disaster Recovery & Business

We provide the complete disaster recovery for your business. Whether it's data breach, cyber threat, viruses, etc. We got you covered

Data Recovery

Want all your lost files and data to be recovered from your laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet. Our experts will provide the resources necessary to gather files wiped out for whatever reason, we also implement a backup solution for the future

Repair Services

Whether you want your old PC to get fixed, your laptop screen to be repaired, clean malware from your Mac, etc. We can handle all kinds of repair service

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